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About Johnson LHG, Inc.

Johnson LHG headquartersIn 1980, Jim and Sharon Johnson founded what has grown to become Johnson LHG, Inc. on the premise of providing affordable high quality abrasive finishing of aluminum, steel, plastic, stainless steel, iron, powdered metals, titanium, bronze, cast and stamped parts and other materials. Industries include dairy, sanitary, pharmaceutical, generators, hydraulics, air cylinders, automotive and aerospace.
  • Our shop is dedicated exclusively to abrasive finishing. Services include flat lapping, ID honing and ID/OD grinding, fine bore polishing, diamond polishing, and tooling for making fixtures. We can accommodate both short and long production runs, prototypes and production services and welcome your challenging projects!
  • We've assembled a team of skilled, dedicated machining and finishing experts. The result for our customers is an overall cost savings and higher quality than they could have achieved completing it in-house.
  • Johnson LHG also uses a proprietary process involving water based lapping compound that virtually eliminates the environmental pitfalls and the disposal cost of using oil.
  • Our entire shop is temperature regulated for precision size control and is located in an industrial park with easy access to the expressway.
  • Our inspection department performs in-coming, in-process, and on-site inspection and we meet the exacting standards of our ISO customers as well as our own rigid internal and industry standards.
  • SPC reports and our own Quality Procedures Manual are available upon request.
  • Johnson LHG consistently delivers a quality job, on-time and at a very competitive price.