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ID/OD Grinding 

ID/OD Grinding Our grinding department concentrates on OD/ID prototypes and short runs. Tolerances include OD .125" in diameter up to 4" by 24" in diameter and ID .205" in diameter. We specialize in prototypes and production services for fine micro finishes. We also offer polishing of ID/OD and flat finishes. Cylindrical grinding is available up to 24". SPC reports and our own Quality Procedures Manual are available upon request.

Grinding Equipment
  • 2 - Cincinnati 10" x 24" Universal Grinders. For 3/16" OD to 4" OD parts up to 24" long. Also for 0.080" ID to 6" ID parts up to 4.5" long. Taper grinding also available.
  • 1 - Boyar Schultz 6" x 12" Surface Grinder.
  • Prototype and short run work.
  • Long run and production run.
Grinding Inspection Equipment
  • Sunnen Bore Gaging and Setting Fixtures for precise bore measurements from .125" to 7".
  • Federal Air Gaging for close tolerance and match gaging.
  • Starret Micrometers: 0" to 12" capacity.
  • Sheffield Shadow Graph Height Gage.
  • Dial Snap Gages.
  • Carbide Gage Blocks.